the franchise

Our franchise is based on a new “System of Cleaning and Disinfection for Kitchens of Horeca business” that the franchisee rents together with a monthly maintenance service.

This efficient system consists of the machines MC-1000 or MC-500 and the detergent DK-6. These will solve the problem of cleaning hard dirty that can be found everyday in many kitchens, and that has to be done by one or several persons by hand.  

The initial investment has a repayment of a few months, and it is almost completely based on the purchase of machines. Our organization model based on exclusive areas allows our franchisee to enjoy a high profitability increase.

Our system of cleaning has been designed for industrial kitchens and the potential customers could be: Restaurants, Hotels, Cafes, Hostels, Ice Cream Shops, Hospitals, Schools, Universities, Colleges, Petrol and Gas Stations, Catering Companies, Bakeries, Frozen food companies, and so on.

Our system of cleaning not only improves the hygiene but also offers establishments with the advantages of renting instead of buying.

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