cleaning services

Look round about yourself and you will notice the importance the cleaning Industry has nowadays. The “Cleaning” business is a sector that hasn’t been affected by the economy changes and crisis feeling we are suffering.

This happens because Horeca establishments have to fulfill several hygiene rules to be able to offer their final services.

In a moment like the one we are living, FRUCOSOL-ECOLIMPIEZA could be considered the perfect investment or business opportunity for those enterprising people who want manage their own business or those who are looking for high profitability.

Some rules our system of cleaning help you to fulfill:
Rule 93/43/CEE; Plan APPCC; Regulation 852/2004; Regulation 853/2004; Real Decree 1420/2006; Real Decree 3484/2000; Real Decree 2817/83; ISO 2000, ISO 22000 e ISO 14001; Decree 305/1996.

cleaning system

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